Creating Resources to Help Bridge the Gap Between Bible College and the Mission Field

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Build Necessary Skills for the Mission Field

Theological training is important and informs how we actually should do missions. Mission organizations exist to build upon this foundation and prepare missionaries for the field. This is our vision for Tentmakers Bible Mission is committed to creating useful resources that will help those headed to the mission field build practical skills that will enable them to "fulfill their ministry" (2 Tim 4:5).

Field Ministry

Practical Research Methods for the Mission Field

Online Course Coming Soon

What do you do when you step off the plane? Language and culture acquisition is an important part of effective ministry on the field. This course gives you a practical, proactive approach to field research using basic principles from cultural anthropology.

    Our Vision for Mission Field Notes

    Bridging the Distance Between Theological Training and the Mission Field

    An important role of a mission organization is offering specialized, practical training for the mission field. Tentmakers Bible Mission is committed to helping Bible college students look ahead to ministry after graduation.

    Bible College, Biblical Training

    Theological training is an important part of becoming an effective missionary. There are many Bible colleges and institutions that do a great job at building a biblical foundation. However, there is often specific, practical training and skill development that is necessary before the mission field.

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    Mission Field Notes

    Our vision for this website, as a part of the larger ministry of Tentmakers Bible Mission, is to help students understand key missiological issues that will better prepare them for the field. As an organization we understand our role in bridging the gap between theological training and the mission field.

    Success on the Mission Field

    Practical preparation and training from experienced missionaries can make a difference in how well a missionary can adapt to the culture and connect with people on the field. A proper understand before entering the field can enable missionaries a longer, more effective ministry.

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    "What Would the Apostle Paul Think of Mission Organizations?"

    The Book of Acts and Pauline Epistles drive our understanding of mission strategy. This ebook will explore how Paul might view contemporary missions. Sign up and get ready to explore basic questions to ask about missions organizations in this first of many free resources for students from Tentmakers Bible Mission.

      Free Ebook - What would Paul ting of mission organziations?